Baggett Row Crop Farming


Mac Baggett is a third generation farmer. He has been farming row crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans for over thirty years.

The Baggett Family rent land from landowners in the Northern Middle Tennessee Counties and Southern Kentucky Counties.

Mac Baggett, Jr is Vice President of the Baggett Operations.

Baggett’s use GPS based applications for precision farming. It helps in field mapping, soil sampling, tractor guidance, variable rate applications, yield mapping and crop planting.

New Farm Equipment is traded for on a yearly basis to help stay current on the technology available to farming.

Our goal is to produce the best yields while keeping the soil healthy. On staff,  Agronomist Jessie Wilcox, works to help in keeping our soil healthy.
Some methods we use to keep soil healthy: drainage techniques that keep excess water off soil surface, we test our soil constantly to maintain a healthy pH balance, and we work with our agronomist and fertilizer specialist to apply the recommended fertilizer.

Another method that Baggett’s has incorporated to keep soil healthy is No Till farming. This helps prevent wind and water erosion. The soil stays mostly undisturbed except when being planted and the ground is not plowed or disked between crops. No Till farming also allows fewer trips through the field which saves on the usage of petroleum products as well as other benefits.

We strive to keep American Agriculture our number one priority for not only our business and family but for the future farming generations to come. We can do that with your help. We abide by MEB (Making Earth Better)!

Please contact any member of our family if you would be interested in leasing or selling your farm.

Our telephone number is (615)382-9115. Call us today!